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Innovative and modern slaughterhouses

Our partners

Litera Meat

Litera Meat starts its activity in 2019 and stands out for its magnitude, innovation and automation , which allow it a slaughter capacity of 160,000 pigs per week.

Its facilities, with 62,000 square meters built , have an exploded room that houses 22 operating lines and another specially equipped for the production of fresh packaged meat.

It also has a treatment plant that guarantees the total treatment of wastewater, an accredited internal laboratory and an approved training center.

Hungary Meat

Hungary Meat Ltd. has been founded 1997 and is one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Central Europe with one of the biggest slaughtering capacity.

The firm is situated on an area of 40.000 mq, 13.000 mq of which is built up and more than 400 people to employed. From the beginning of its’ planning the slaughterhous was built according to the national and international regulations of hygiene and food safety. The company buys the animal to be slaughtered according to the continous and safe demand of the market, always paying attention to the health and safety of the consumers. Now the company is dealing with slaughtering and processing of pigs.

The production capacity of the pig slaughtering line is 500 pigs per hour, which means approx. 5000 pigs per day, +/- 1.2 miljon per year.

Pini Italia en Ghinzelli Spa

Pini Italia and Ghinzelli Spa are 2 slaughterhouses of the Pini Group in Italy.

Around 2000 pigs are slaughtered and processed at both locations.

Both slaughterhouses are part of the Pini Group since 2013.

De afzet van deze slachterijen vind zijn weg richting de Italiaanse markt en met name het verre oosten.

The sales of these slaughterhouses find their way to the Italian market and in particular the Far East.


Bresaole Pini

Bresaole Pini, a brand founded in 1982 as continuation of the old tradition of butchering and charcuterie which for generations was and still is among the points of strength in Valtellina’s industrial sector.

Set in the green of the upper part of the valley, the head-office in Grosotto, thanks to two enlargement phases, currently covers 15,000 sqm and it contains 95 cold rooms for the storage, maturation and preservation of our products.

Bresaole Pini, employing 90 workers with an undeterminated time contract, is specialized in the production of breseaole (both made with bovine and horse meat), seasoning weekly about 28,000 pieces.

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