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Your trading partner in the meat sector

Meat Export

Roosendaalse Vlees Export B.V. exports Dutch pork to countries such as Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In doing so we respond effectively to the demands of the market.


More and more companies from the retail and catering sector are turning to our company and are happy to take advantage of the many benefits that Roosendaalse Vlees Export B.V. has to offer.


Welcome to the website of Roosendaalse Vlees Export (RVE). Your trading partner in the meat export sector.

As our name suggests, RVE Meat Export is a company that is specialised in the export and import of meat. Our focus is mainly on pork. We also arrange the transportation, and everything related to it, from purchasing to the customer. In short: pork logistics, and in particular within the EU.

Why RVE?

  • Knowhow of the meat sector
  • Reliable partner
  • Flexible, customer-focussed
  • Transparent
  • Main importer of Pini Benelux
  • We regularly visit suppliers
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Large import and export capacity
  • Guaranteed privacy

Our company is located in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, at a site where several different companies from the meat sector are also active. The Roosendaal slaughterhouse also used to be part of this cluster, but it has since closed down.

Our company has been linked to various companies from the meat industry for decades. This has resulted in good (trading) relationships with large meat processors and suppliers, both inside and outside Europe. RVE works exclusively with partners that have the required food safety certificates such as the BRC and IFS quality certificates.

We export Dutch pork to several different countries within Europe such as Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Furthermore, we import meat from Spain, Hungary and Italy and arrange smooth transportation to countries such as Germany, France and the Benelux.

Our company connects companies from across the meat sector, both from within and outside the EU, making use of an extensive network in the meat industry and with partners from the world of transportation. We always set the highest standards for the quality of our products and services.

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