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Reliable business partner. Excellent market and trade knowledge. Flexible.

Safe food of a high quality

Our company is located in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, on the site of a former slaughterhouse. Roosendaalse Vlees Export B.V. was originally a family business that, before 2003, operated under the name of Roosendaalse Vleeshandel (RVH).

Roosendaalse Vleeshandel built up an excellent name in the meat export sector within Europe and this network is an important foundation for our company.

The company is now going forward under its new name, Roosendaalse Vlees Export B.V. (RVE), where the E stands for Export.

In all these years, RVE has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. Our customer base consists of reputable meat processing companies and suppliers within the EU. We make the connection between suppliers and the meat processing companies and thus perform the role of logistic partner. As part of this, we also arrange the flow of meat products for major supermarket chains both within and outside the Benelux.

Our company works exclusively with certified partners. We have high quality demands for the food sector. This means that our customers are guaranteed of safe food of a very high quality.

We are based in Roosendaal but regularly visit our trading partners. Our customers are also very welcome to come with us and visit our suppliers and/or meat processing companies.

Thanks to its many years of experience, RVE has built up a very good knowledge of trading within Europe. We know how meat export works in different countries and we speak their language.

Our company is able to respond effectively to the demands of the market and, in doing so, Roosendaalse Vlees Export B.V. has built up a reputation with its customers as a flexible and reliable partner.

graydon award

Graydon Award

Business relations can do responsible business with RVE, as witnessed by the prestigious Graydon Award which was awarded to the company in 2012. This award is only presented to transparent and creditworthy companies that fulfil all their commitments.

The receipt of the Graydon Award means that RVE is one of the most financially sound companies in the Netherlands. Suppliers can rest assured that RVE will always meet its payment obligations within the stipulated period.

But it is not only suppliers who will have a safe feeling, customers can also benefit from this financial security. Invoices will always be paid correctly, thus ensuring a prompt delivery.

The Graydon Award distinguishes RVE from the competition within the meat sector and at RVE you can be assured of sound business management.

RVE has proven itself as a safe and reliable business partner, and that is something we are very proud of.

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